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We are trying to grow to allow as many families as possible experience the Uplift experience. Our immediate plan is to open five days a week and one day duplicate the activities of the Hub in other towns in mid-devon. 

We rely principally on donations from individuals and charities and we apply for grants for specific projects to fulfil our goals.


If you can spare any cash, please do help by donating using the QR code  below. Alternatively, Josie will be very happy to see you at the Hub and let you know other ways to pay in to our account.

Through our Just Giving page

Click below:

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Just Giving Link:


We would love you to make a regular donation or perhaps sponsor an activity at the Hub such as a Workshop or a visit to the countryside for our families who are unable to get there.

A regular donation could also help help us employ more staff with Early Years experience.

If you own a company, and can make a donation we would be delighted to acknowledge your generosity in supporting families in the area on our website

Become a sponsor


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