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Why Uplift?

Uplift (Devon) CIC was set up as a community Hub open to all families with young children so that they can meet, read and play in a friendly, fun space.

The Sutton Trust reports that more than half of the gaps in achievement of children at age 11 are due to inequality that was already present at the age five and these gaps are never made up. In other words, the lifetime chances of children are largely established before the age 5.

To tackle inequality, education of the young is profoundly important to level up the playing field. In recent years Sure-Start Centres, which were created to help address this problem, have been closing around the country. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly affected early years learning, especially in the least advantaged communities.


Uplift welcomes all families and can provide free books, toys and materials for play as well as fun workshops to help all children make steps to achieve their potential.


Uplift Mission: 

Uplift (Devon) seeks to improve the lives and life-chances of any child under the age of five in the South-West, by providing professional support and spaces for families to meet, learn and make connections.

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