Welcome to Uplift Devon

Here for families with young children.

Based in Tiverton but new locations coming soon!


We provide:


Books to read with your child and borrow…at no cost.

Food and Provisions

Please contact us if you are struggling to get provision for your family during the lockdown.

Clothes Swap

Please contact us if you need clothes.

Role for Uplift (Devon) CIC during Covid:

What can we do?:

  1. Provide materials for families with children <5 yrs. at their request

  2. Clothing, nappies, accessories, toys and books

  3. Support may be co-ordinated with CHAT food bank (01884 255606).

  4. Promote “family friendly materials” (e.g. books, games)

  5. Provide Facebook forum ( UpliftTiverton ) for families to communicate/entertain their children


  • Uplift property (3-4 Lowman Green) may be used for collection 

  • Deliveries by Uplift possible ​

  • Deliveries may be co-ordinated with CHAT to go out with Food parcels, if requested.

  • Social media presence (primarily through Facebook):