Based in near the Clock Tower in Tiverton at 4 Lowman Green. We are a community hub known as The Den. Our aim is to provide a safe environment for local families with young children.

If you live in the Tiverton Area, Uplift can help, if your family struggling with the COVID Lockdown.

What Uplift can do:

  • Provide clothes, nappies, other “stuff” for famlilies with children <5 years.
  • Provide family-friendly material (eg books, games)
  • Provide a Facebook Forum for families to communicate, play and make things! UpliftTiverton
  • Help those in need of other support to the relevant authority or charity.
  • We can help co-ordinate support with CHAT food bank (01884255606)


  • The Uplift “Den” at the clocktower in Tiverton can be used for collection.
  • Deliveries by Uplift can be made if not possible to collect. (home threshold rule applies)
  • Check out the Facebook Page below for daily updates.