What We Do:

We are a community based charity organisation who are supporting the local community, specifically families with young children.
We are currently working alongside the Ottery Larder and providing clothes for babies and young children in bundles, or specific items on request.
Along with clothes we provide resources (toys, books and furniture) and other essentials for babies such as wipes and nappies.
We are working out of the Institute on Yonder street and are open between 11-2 every day for collection.
Please visit the Ottery Larder Facebook and Booking System to arrange a collection (each page is linked respectively) .

What to Look Forward to:

With covid restrictions soon to be easing, we are excited to announce a baby weigh station for parents and carers to bring their babies to ‘self-weigh’ as these services are not currently provided due to covid guidelines.
More information will be provide on this when a start date is set in the near future!

We hope to soon open up our Hub (The Holt) and provide stay and play sessions, advise for parents, event and advise meetings and more. Of course this all has to be delayed due to covid but we’re very hopeful this will be active in the next few months!