Welcome to Uplift Devon

Here for local families with young children


We have now qualified for the Quality Mark. As such it allows use to increase our impact and demonstrate our excellence.

If you wish to learn more about what this means Charity Excellence website talks about the criteria we had to meet.

During Covid

During COVID How We Can Help;

  1. Provide materials for families with children <5 yrs. at their request

  2. Clothing, nappies, accessories, toys and books

  3. Support may be co-ordinated with CHAT food bank (01884 255606).

  4. Promote “family friendly materials” (e.g. books, games)

  5. Provide Facebook forum ( UpliftTiverton ) for families to communicate/entertain their children


  • Uplift property (4 Lowman Green) may be used for collection 

  • Deliveries by Uplift possible ​

  • Deliveries may be co-ordinated with CHAT to go out with Food parcels, if requested.

  • Social media presence (primarily through Facebook):

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